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Available Services

Hosting Services

The shift to cloud computing has been one of the most significant and transformative technology trends of the past few years. The cloud refers to software, applications, and other services that run on the internet instead of a remote server. First Consulting Alliance utilise cloud technology in various capacities to augment or streamline customers existing operations, data storage and application software deployment.  In short, our cloud technology services allow companies to reengineer their back-end architectures (servers, databases, application software, and more) and put them in virtual (or dedicated) environments where they can be accessed remotely, without requiring physical server hardware on premises. These hosting services also allow any worker with an internet connection to access approved company systems and programs.  Our hosting services are a blanket way to describe these computing capabilities. Moving to our hosting services typically create benefits for companies, including reduced IT costs, more flexibility, increased efficiency, improved security, boosted performance, and the potential for innovation and developing new capabilities.    

Infrastructure Services

We manage IT infrastructure including storage, server and networking resources, and deliver them to subscriber organisations as virtual machines accessible through the internet. Our services can have many benefits for organisations, such as potentially making workloads faster, easier, more flexible and more cost efficient. We host the infrastructure components that are traditionally present on-premises. This includes servers, storage and networking hardware, as well as the virtualization or hypervisor layers.

Software Services

First Consulting Alliance host applications and makes them available to end users over the internet. Our services remove the need for organisations to install and run applications on their own computers or in their own data centers. This eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation and support. Software application users do not have to download software, manage any existing IT infrastructures or deal with any aspect of the software management. We handle maintenance, upgrades, support, security and all other aspects of managing the software.

Disaster Recovery Services

We provide replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers to provide failover in the event of a natural catastrophe, power outage or another type of business disruption. Our off-site disaster recovery capability lets customers avoid the cost of maintaining secondary computing platforms. Our approach has opened disaster recovery to organisations that wouldn't have been able to afford such a capability in the past.

Desktop Services

First Consulting Alliance's  hosting services extend to the desktop. Our desktop service offerings host desktop OSes, applications and data in the cloud.


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