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Cybersecurity Services

Today IT security has become a powerful weapon against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. For example businesses toil to keep at par with the new malware deviant or e-mail spoofing fraud gambit! Businesses are increasingly turning to managed security services for several reasons. Chief among these are the specialised, complex and highly dynamic nature of IT security and the growing number of regulatory requirements obliging businesses to secure the digital safety and integrity of personal information and financial data held or transferred via their computer networks. First Consulting Alliance continually enhance the sophistication of our portfolio of security services. Similarly, we provide services for the increasing regulatory compliance associated with the protection of citizens data worldwide to ensure high data-security levels.

On-site Consulting

We do a detailed security assessment of your company's network, identifying potential and real-world vulnerabilities. This involves finding the security holes and then helping the company fix them.

Perimeter Management of the Client's Network

In the context of network security, the perimeter is the conceptual line that separates your organisation's internal assets from the public ones. If a single business network is used for security, then its perimeter would be the defenses that surround the network, protecting it from outside attack. The purpose of a perimeter is to limit access to sensitive data, usually by controlling who and what can get into the network. A key part of our service is to ensure the organisation's network perimeter is satisfactory and all the devices within it are well protected.

Compliance Monitoring

In order to ensure compliance, an organisation is generally required to prove that it is complying with a variety of rules and regulations that govern electronic data storage and transmission.  Our compliance monitoring  process verifies your organisation's compliance with policies and procedures for data security. We perform regular scans of your security devices and infrastructure. The scan results are used to determine if any changes need to be made to your security software or infrastructure. This includes retrieving, storing and transmitting data in a secure and legally defensible manner.

Managed Security Monitoring

This involves the regular day-to-day monitoring of security events such as user logins and permission changes, as well as investigation of such system events throughout the network.

Security Devices

We have a catalogue of security devices, including intrusion prevention systems and firewalls, and our clients can choose from a variety of specialised offerings. First Consulting Alliance also provides technical support for the devices, perform penetration tests for security and perform security audits.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

We do pen testing and vulnerability assessments to test the security of your organisation's information and technology assets. With this form of ethical hacking, attempts are made to break into computer systems to uncover vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit. In our pen tests, a team of trusted hackers attempts to hack into your company's computers or networks using the same tools and techniques that bad actors do. This simulated attack yields valuable information about how well your company defends itself against a real attack.


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